Explore machine-learning predicted targets
for Transfer RNA-related fragments (tRFs)

Dutta Lab University of Virginia UAB School of Medicine

tRForest Manual

Form usage

tRForest Manual

Search criteria

tRF targets can be retrieved from tRForest using four distinct search criteria:

    •  Search by tRF type in order to see targets of all tRFs of a specific type; this can be selected using the drop-down.
    •  Search by tRF ID in order to see all targets of the specific tRF selected.
    •  Search by gene name in order to see all tRFs that repress a specific gene.
    •  Search by Ensembl transcript ID in order to see all tRFs that repress the transcript.

Results table

The output HTML table provides the tRF ID, gene name, transcript ID, binding energy, binding location on 3' UTR, interaction ilustration, and a prediction score from 0 to 1. It is automatically ordered by prediction score so the highest-confidence targets are displayed first. In order to sort the table differently, the table should be downloaded in CSV or XLS format. The table does not contain chromosomal coordinates of the 3' UTR; this information can also be downloaded as a separate CSV file.